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  • Demi Lovato(on what you can relate to the theme of Camp Rock) The theme of the movie is to be yourself and not worry about being popular. That’s what I had to worry about in middle school. I was always worried about being popular. Wow, if I had a chance to do it over again, I’d so rather be a nerd than be popular — it’s so much less stressful and you can be yourself.
  • Demi(on ‘Camp Rock’) I never wanted a part more than this in my life.
  • Demi: I can’t reply to everyone today, I seriously wish I could..but instead I’ll post a bulletin… you guys rock. Thank you or you’re support, and vote on RadioDisney for “That’s How You Know”! Thanks so much! I love you guys!!!!!
  • Demi: The only thing I could see myself doing is music – songwriting or producing or something. I’ve never seen myself being in any other business, I’ve been working in this one since I was 5 years old! I could do other things, but I wouldn’t want to !
  • Demi(on if she sees herself as the next Miley) No, I just see myself as Demi – Miley is amazing and has built a hugely successful career, so I respect that. It’s just that, again, we’re two totally different artists – and there’s room for everyone to be themselves in this business. I’m just trying to be Demi right now!
  • Demi(her response when she was asked about her confirmed appearance on the Jonas Brothers’ Burning Up Tour) Fans can expect a rocking show. Like, seriously, my music is all gonna be pretty rock. The boys joked about it being a girl-Jonas Brother. And they really stepped up their sound, too, so I know that they’re gonna put on a good show. I’m nervous, but I’m so excited. I think all the practicing in the mirror is gonna pay off.
  • Demi(on the most fun night the ‘Camp Rock’ cast had hanging out) One night we had a dance party. We made up cheesy dances and we were running around outside.
  • Demi (on her ‘Camp Rock’ experience): It was a confidence booster. My character and I both like to rock out and now we’re not afraid to!
  • Demi(on if she’s dating Joe Jonas in real life) Joe and I are definitely not dating. He’s like my big brother!
  • Demi(On her CD) I’m really excited about these songs. I feel like I’ve really grown as a songwriter with my last few songs, and I’m anxious to see what the fans think of them.


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