Demi Lovato Hopes To Inspire Others With Her ‘Honest Journey’

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Demi Lovato proclaimed her inner strength on the emotional power ballad, “Skyscraper,” the lead single off her album, Unbroken, which drops later this month. The track immediately connected with her fans, who have stuck by her side over the last year as she’s battled personal issues.

Their support of the track, Lovato explained to MTV News last week, has given her newfound strength as she sets out to launch the next phase of her bustling music career. “When the song came out, it went #1 on iTunes instantly and it was so surprising to me,” she said at a fan meet-and-greet in Los Angeles, where Lovatics lined up for blocks to meet Demi. “I wasn’t expecting that at all. It’s been such a whirlwind, and I’ve been so blessed and so thankful for it.”

In “Skyscraper,” Lovato confronts her issues — the ones for which she sought treatment last fall — because, she said, she wanted to keep her fans in the loop about her growth as a person.

“I’ve been pretty honest,” she said. “My whole journey has been about telling my story and hoping that when I share my story, it inspires somebody. So, when I decided to come out with a single that was honest and about my journey and about standing strong and tall like a skyscraper, I hope that it inspired people.

“I thought that there was a bigger opportunity for me to come out with a song that would inspire people, rather than it be just another dance song on the radio,” she added.

Sure, “Skyscraper” has a message, but there are also some fun tracks on the album, Demi promises, including her Missy Elliott/Timbaland collabo, “All Night Long.”

“The song that Missy and I did together, Timbaland’s actually on it, too, and it’s fun,” she said. “It’s about staying up all night long and singing it to the boy that you like, and it’s flirty and fun and it’s not too grown-up, but it’s grown-up enough.”

Source: MTV

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