Proposal Alert! Romeo Pops the Question to Demi Lovato

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Look no further, Demi Lovato. Your Romeo is right in front of you.

The rapper-actor and Dancing With the Stars alum took a chat with RumorFix cameramen to the next level today when he was talking about something else completely—and then randomly gave Demi a more-than-friends shout-out.

“Next time y’all see Demi Lovato, tell [her] Romeo said, ‘Hi,'” he started off unassumingly. He even startled the cameraman, who urged the 22-year-old to make his feelings known (and give him a good sound bite).

“Demi Lovato, if you see this, this is me proposing to you right now,” he said to the camera. “I don’t got the ring, but that’s nothing. You know, I listen to Beyoncé’s song, when she said ‘put a ring on it,’ so I got you!”

He said that he and dad Master P. had already agreed that he would have “the craziest wedding.”

“So, Demi, if you’re ready, we’ll have the craziest wedding—and that’s all I’ve got to say, a $50 million wedding. If I get the right chick, it’s worth it, right?”

And why does he think that Demi is the right chick?

“I met Demi Lovato probably, like, three years ago, before she was who she was,” Romeo explained, saying that he wanted her to take down his number. “She had a nice smile.”

Romeo says he was going incognito with a hoodie that day, so Demi might not have known who he was. But, he added, he could very well be the right guy for her.

“First off, once you go black, you don’t go back,” he said, laughing. “We got a few toys at the house, we’ll have the best wedding. I’ll keep her out of trouble…That’s all that matters. She needs a strong, solid man.”

Finally, when a car passed by, horn blaring, Romeo pointed and joked, “Is that Demi Lovato?!”

Probably not, because earlier today, his would-be sweetheart was, per her Twitter, “In the studio writing with @chordoverstreet :).”

Maybe a duet with Romeo will be next?

Source: E Online

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