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Interview with Demi Lovato for “The Dirt” Audio


“I’m so excited about the opening of Topshop, not only because I fell through the store when I went to London for the first time, it was my first trip down there. And I was blown away by the level and number of clothes they had there. Everything was wonderful, I thought “this is my favorite store of all time.” And now, some years later, they will open one in Los Angeles and I’m here, and that is simply amazing. 

Topshop Topman What makes it so good is that they are able to provide a very chic and sophisticated fashion, even your clothes may be casual chic and I think they are bringing a lot of British fashion to the U.S.. And, personally, is my favorite. 
Today I will perform at the opening and I’m very, very excited. Unfortunately, I will not be able to get around me a lot but I definitely give my best. Topshop to show how much I’m happy to perform for them, and also to my fans, who will be there. “

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