Interview with Demi Lovato for Z100 Audio Clip

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JJ: Demi Lovato, how are you?

DL: I’m fine and you?

JJ:  I’m fine! And do not want to sound intrusive but I need a mental picture of what you are doing and what you are wearing so I have an image in my head when I speak with you! Almost as Facetime only without phone!

DL:  Hm … Really?

JJ:  Yes, what you are doing now and what they’re wearing?

DL: I am now wearing a huge shirt, pants and sweatshirt with my glasses and my teeth have not been brushed! I’m in bed, so …

JJ:  Some people would call it perfection gross!

DL: Yes!

JJ:  If this interview was personal I would faint, right?

DL: No! Wait … Maybe!

JJ:  You may have a bad breath but a perfect song, Heart Attack, which is on iTunes today and a guy from the label rang me last week and I begged to play before and he said no!

DL: Oh, this is too much! JJ:  And everything online is amazing! The blog, Facebook, Twitter, everything is awesome!Thank you!

DL: It’s pretty crazy! You know, it’s still surreal, I just launching in less than 48 hours and do not believe it! And already got great feedback!

JJ:  You do not wait, you see how if you were the kid who nobody knows and celebrates and hopes that people will … That’s how you feel when launching a single?

DL: Yes, every time … You can never predict … You may wonder if people will like it, you may think “oh, this song does not move, this is awful,” but there are songs that you know and I know with Heart Attack that was a great song, so I flipped! But still, you can not predict what the rest of the world will find …

JJ: Cardiologists should be super eager to have a song to play before their conventions!

DL:  Oh God … Yes!

JJ: We finally have an anthem, we no longer need to play Heartbreaker Mariah Carey!

JJ:  How is your leg?

DL:  It’s good! I am without crutches and is now a month and I feel better!

JJ: I saw an online rumor that Britney Spears was put wax on the floor and made ​​you fall!

DL:  This is very stupid! If I were roommates with Britney Spears would be awesome!

JJ: It would be … for 3 minutes!

DL: What? She is great!

JJ:  It is, but I wonder who would take the hair from the tub, who would?

DL: We would do else do …

JJ:  Yes, we have money, hire someone! She’s like, oh, now I remember who I’m talking about that idiot Z100! What’s going on with The X Factor, we’ll see you again? You were great and need to return!

DL: First of all, thank you! It’s hard because while I need to look at what is best for my career, and if I’m releasing an album and I’ll publish it and go on tour … Because I’m a singer and that’s what put me on the show! Or do the program and have fun! Or do both … Things are still undecided but I think I have an idea of what will happen!

JJ: I think what will happen is that they will end up realizing that you had a big impact on the show and will pay you to do everything perfect!

DL: That’s funny …

JJ: We both know! So, I will not keep it, continue the success, I’m glad you called in your comfortable clothes, you may find time to brush your teeth! And the last time we were in New York when you have time then come back here!

DL: I know, I can not wait to see you make more coffee for me!

JJ: I still get tweets about it, like “please give her coffee! she needs more coffee, “then we’ll do it next time!

DL: Begging for more coffee!

JJ: Demi Take care, keep up the success, lots of love, talk to you soon!

DL: Ok, big hug! Bye! Thank you!


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