Demi Lovato Talks ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ and New Album With Celeb Mix

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Demi Lovato is back with a bang. After setting the charts alight with two recent collaborations (‘No Promises’ with Cheat Codes, and ‘Instruction’ with Jax Jones and Stefflon Don), the songstress has slayed us all once again with her brand new single ‘Sorry Not Sorry’. The sassy anthem is the ultimate ‘screw you’ to all the haters and proves that Demi is enjoying life far too much to take notice of any negativity.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Demi on the phone, and asked her about ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, her forthcoming album and much more.

Since its release, ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ has garnered over 29 million streams on Spotify alone. When asked about the response to the track so far, Demi said: “The response has been amazing, I’ve been really excited about it and I love the song.” There is no doubt that the fierce offering is a great first-release from her forthcoming album, and Demi was keen to release it “because it’s unapologetic, it’s got attitude, and it’s soulful.”

The track is laden with a slick RnB vibe and contains feisty lyrics such as “Payback is a bad bitch and baby, I’m the baddest, you f–kin’ with a savage, can’t have this, can’t have this, and it’d be nice of me to take it easy on ya, but nah”. Speaking about how the track came about, Demi told us that it came together within a few hours and that “the beat came first then we started working on the melody and the lyrics”.

The music video was unveiled just over a week after the song was released, and features Demi throwing a house party for her friends, including famous faces such as Paris Hilton, Wiz Khalifa and Jamie Foxx. The singer told us that the video was a ton of fun to record and was the perfect concept to spread good vibes. “We had a lot of ideas but the one that stuck was a house party. I threw a house party earlier this year and it was really fun so we thought, what if we threw a party for the music video? It was a way to keep the video lighthearted.” The house party seemed like a blast (we want an invite next time please!), and one of Demi’s highlights of filming was when Paris Hilton showed up as “she’s just extremely fabulous.”

After releasing ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, Demi has been busy celebrating and promoting the track in various ways. True to the video, the singer did a house party tour across the States. “The house parties were a lot of fun. They were all pretty crazy!” said Demi. “The audience in Dallas was really really crazy. If I had to choose one [as the wildest] it would be Dallas but for the most part they were all great.”

With a new single, comes talk of a new album. ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ is the first release from Demi’s forthcoming sixth studio album, which is going to be a lot more soulful. Whilst Demi’s recent collaborations are dance orientated, she told us that the album will be laden with RnB pop vibes. She also hopes that people will relate to her new music as “the whole point of creating music is that it gives other people something to relate to and gets their emotions going too.”

In terms of the songs, Demi will once again be drawing on her life experiences. “You can expect songs based on my personal experiences, your typical songs about heartbreak, falling in love, being attracted to people,” she said. We can also look forward to some potential collabs, as Demi stated, “yeah you’ll hear some collaborations on the album. There aren’t any set in stone yet but I definitely have people that I talk to that I want to work with.”

In addition to the album, we can also expect a documentary on YouTube later this year. The documentary, in Demi’s words, is “a project to get to know me a little better”. Speaking about what we can expect from it, she said “my project with YouTube will be coming out later this year and it just documents the making of my album, the making of the single, choosing the single, me turning 25, and showcasing some of my philanthropic work.”

Demi is a long-timer in the industry and has developed so much in terms of sound and as a person. Her debut album Don’t Forget was released in 2008, which Demi describes as “a great learning experience”. When asked if she’d ever want to rework any of the songs from her debut album, she said “No I’m really happy with how they all turned out. [The album] It was written almost ten years ago so my music has changed a lot but I’m proud of it.”

Having been in the music industry for so long, Demi has also witnessed many changes and experienced different challenges over the years. But what’s been the most challenging aspect for her? “The biggest challenge that I’ve faced musically…I think always trying to outdo yourself is a challenge that can be difficult.” It’s safe to say that Demi continues to do so with every album released, making us even more excited for DL6.

Over the years we have also seen Demi grow in confidence as an artist. Sharing some great confidence advice with her fans, she said “I would just tell them to do daily admirations. Tell yourself that you’re beautiful every single day and to learn to love yourself before you love others.”

Whilst new music is around the corner, Demi’s tracks throughout the years are popular choices when it comes to artists covering songs on YouTube. Although her songs are very personal to her, Demi enjoys seeing other people’s versions, stating “I love seeing people cover my songs. It’s really fun to watch people take my music and do their own thing with it.”

Finally, our chat rounds off with the discussion of a tour. Demi spent much of last year on tour with Nick Jonas, however, the last time she toured the UK was with Enrique Iglesias in 2014. When asked if there were any plans to visit her UK Lovatics soon, she said “Yes of course! Hopefully that will happen later after my album is out.”

Source: Celeb Mix

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